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Projects – Past and Present

Sheridan, Wyoming – VA Hospital Storm Drain, Sewer, and Parking Lot Project

Granite Excavation’s pipe crews replaced 3,500 feet of and existing sewer main that was failing with new 6″ and 8″ Gravity Sewer by open trench excavation methods. Because many of the existing sewer mains at the VA Hospital ran underneath existing buildings and other permanent structures; Granite’s pipe crews also installed another 3,000 Feet of 8″ Sewer by Pipe Burst methods. Also affiliated with this project Granite’s pipe crews installed a new storm drain system and misc water main and service upgrades. Granite’s grade and pave crews excavated, sub graded, installed sub base and base aggregates, and asphalt paved seven parking lots. This $1.1 Million dollar project came in on budget and within contract times.

Langley Gulch – Idaho Power Water Plant Delivery System and Pump Station

Granite Excavation, Inc. installed over 9 Miles of 12″ C-900 and Ductile Iron Water Main Transmission Line that feeds and cools Idaho Powers Langley Gulch Power Plant. Other work on this project consisted of (5) wells and a pump station with dual turbine pumps and a masonry pump station building. Granite’s Grade and Pave Crews built a 12′ wide access road and parking lot to the pump station building and paved over 3,000 feet of a 1/4 Lane of roadway where pipe installation occurred. Part of this project was constructed across BLM Lands that had to be regraded and hydro seeded once Water Main was installed. This project was built between the fall of 2010 to the summer of 2011. This $3.2 million dollar project came in below budget and on time.

Lapwai Regional Wastewater Phases “B” & “C” Project

Granite Excavation, Inc. installed 8.5 miles of 10″ Gravity and Pressure Sewer Mains. Part of this project was also installation of a 20′ Deep Lift Station and Valve Vault, pumps and generators for emergency shutdown of the pump station. Grade and Pave crews performed misc. surface restoration consisting of asphalt paving, 3/4″ road mix roadway shouldering, 12 feet wide access roads and bicycle paths, 6″ vertical curb, and hydro seeding.

McCall Airport Taxiway Rehab Project

Granite Excavation, Inc. Removed 16,151 SY of existing asphalt to repair failing taxiways. Granite’s pipe crews installed 160 Feet of 30″ Steel Casing for future sewer mains and installed 820 feet of a 4″ under drain roadway system. Granite’s Grade Crews placed 2,000 CY of sub base material and another 1,300 CY of base material.

Y-Camp – Horsethief Reservoir YMCA

Granite Excavation, Inc. excavated 150,000 cubic yards from a hillside in order to construct (2) 400,000 gallon aeration ponds and a one million gallon treatment pond. Granite’s grade crews constructed over a mile of roadway along with the Lagoon Construction. Granite’s pipe crews installed over 10,000 lineal feet of Sanitary Sewer and a 20′ deep lift station. Granite’s pipe crews also installed over 15,000 feet of 4″ domestic water main and 8″ fire protection water main. This is just part of a complete project that Granite has been working on over the last 4 years.

The Meadows at West Mountain Phases 1-3, Donnelly, Idaho

In 2004 Granite Excavation, Inc. landed the contract to begin phase 1 of this project. Phase 1 included the installation of 5,394 feet of sanitary sewer, and 5,641 feet of municipal water. This installation was very difficult due to a very high water table, which required several submersible pumps. Phase 1 also included construction of 6,277 feet of 24 foot wide paved roadway. Granite Excavation, Inc. was also responsible for clearing and grubbing, stripping topsoil, wetland mitigation, pond construction, and foundation prep for 58 homes. Phases 2 and 3 began the following year and included the installation of 6,390ft of sanitary sewer and 6,360ft of municipal water. Utility installation again proved to be difficult do to very high water table and pipe depths exceeding 25ft. These phases also included construction of 5,402ft of 24ft wide roadway. Granite Excavation, Inc. was also responsible for stripping topsoil, culvert installation, pond construction, and wetland mitigation. A very rigorous schedule kept crews busy completing prep for 5 houses and 1 8-plex per week. The 8-plexes required over excavation and replacement of drain rock and suitable material for foundation base. Many of the houses required importing structural fill for a solid foundation base. In all 69 houses and twelve 8-plexes were completed in these phases.

Aspen Crest Phase 1, Cascade, Idaho

Aspen Crest was a 3 month project that included 300,000 yards of excavation and construction of 3 miles of 24 foot wide roadway. Granite Excavation, Inc. was also responsible for clearing and grubbing, gravel hauling, gravel placement, culvert installation, and construction of 17 private driveways.

Whitetail Resort, McCall, Idaho

Granite Excavation, Inc. was a subcontractor on this project for Masco, Inc. Our crews had the responsibility of installing sanitary sewer and municipal water. Fluctuating soils and extremely hard rock made our production vary from 150 feet per day to 500 feet per day. However, the schedule was met on time and on budget. Granite Excavation, Inc. along with Masco, Inc were awarded the contract for both the McCall junior high school construction, and also the Donnelly elementary school expansion. Work is to begin the first part of June and continue into July.

St. Katherine Drexel Church, Cascade, Idaho

This job included stripping of 1500 yards of topsoil, over-excavation of building pad and placement of structural fill. Our crews were also responsible for installing a complete drain system under the building pad. This project also included importing 2000 yards of base rock and 500 yards of ¾ road mix for parking area. Once the building was complete Granite Excavation, Inc. did final grading and landscaping.

Eaglenest Phases1-2, Cascade, Idaho

This was a 2 year project that included construction of nearly 8 miles of 24 foot wide roadway. Granite Excavation, Inc. was also responsible for wetland mitigation and culvert installation in the roadways. This project had an excavation of nearly 500,000 yards of material much of which was very solid rock. We were also in charge of placing 6 inches of road mix on the roadways. Doing this project also led us to numerous driveways and residential excavations in this subdivision.

Tamarack Resort, Donnelly, Idaho

Granite Excavation, Inc. crews took on the task of installing 14 grinder pumps for the Clearwater town homes at Tamarack. This job was very tricky due to the fact that house construction was taking place at the same time, and the site was very active. Much of this work had to be done with compact equipment because the locations of these pumps were very complex. Our crews also dug out house pads for the Staircase chalets, and installed sewer and water for onsite use. Granite Excavation, Inc. has also provided trucking support for Tamarack crews.

Herrick Hills Phase 1, Cascade, Idaho

Herrick Hills was a six month contract that included 550,000 yards of excavation and construction of 3 miles of roadway. This project was very difficult due to the steep terrain and extremely hard rock encountered. Granite Excavation, Inc. was also responsible for clearing and grubbing, culvert installation, and construction of 40 residential driveways. Granite Excavation, Inc. will also be constructing 2700 foot long acceleration and deceleration lanes at the entrance to this project. This is a very complex project due to the quality control and erosion control methods that must be upheld to meet Idaho Transportation Department standards.

Jug Mountain Ranch, Lakefork, Idaho

Granite Excavation, Inc. was a subcontractor on this project and had duty to strip roads of topsoil and place material for landscaping berms. Our crews were also responsible for pond excavation and trucking support.

Broken Ridge, McCall Idaho

Granite Excavation, Inc. was a subcontractor on this project and our crews were responsible for clearing and grubbing, and excavation of road sub-grade. We were also responsible for importing bedding chips and reject sand to support pipe crews.

Spring Shore Project

Goose Lake Project

36" Trunk Line at Purdum

Riverwalk Subdivision

Lift Station McCall, ID

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