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Meet the Crew

Stock Holders/Management

Josh Davis – President
(208) 630-4090

Josh Davis, founder and president of Granite Excavation Inc., discovered at a very young age his passion for heavy machinery. Throughout his childhood and into high school, Josh spent his summers and free time operating equipment owned by his dad. He landed his first paid construction job running a paddlewheel scraper at the Cascade Airport at the age of 16. In 2004 during his sophomore year of college at the University of Idaho,  he decided to fulfill a local demand of forestry road construction and maintenance with the inception of Granite Excavation. Since that time, Granite has become one of the largest and most respected heavy civil contractors within the State of Idaho and surrounding areas.

Phil Davis – Vice President
(208) 630-3704

Yvette Davis – Corporate Secretary
(208) 382-4188

Phil and Yvette Davis

Office Management

Dusty Hibbard GM/Senior Project Manager/Estimator
(208) 315-2993

Dusty has 16 years experience in both the private and public sector of the Construction Industry. Dusty started for Granite Excavation in 2008 and oversees Granite’s Estimating Department. Along with Granite Excavations Creative Innovations; his vast knowledge is useful for Value Engineering and Design Builds.

Ila Eberhardt  Human Resource Manager

(208) 830-2497

Ila has 11 years experience in the construction industry, she joined Granite in March 2017. She believes that shared knowledge and values are the foundation of the company and culture. She is passionate about communications that succeed, employee relations, benefits administration, organizational development and training. Continuously building a professional company together as a team.


Shaun Carr – Office Manager

(208) 382-4188
Shaun has been with Granite since 2011, with a MCS and a BS in Accounting from FSU, Shaun has over 20 years accounting experience and 14 years experience in the construction industry

Sandy Moosman – Accounts Payable/Administrative Assistant

(208) 382-4188

Sandy joined Granite in May 2013.

Estimators/Project Managers

Brad Sayers – Project Manager/ Estimator
(208) 315-2991

Taylor Landa – Project Manager/ Estimator
(208) 271-6132

Taylor has 12 years of construction management experience, having been Project Engineer, Quality Control Manager, Safety Representative and Project Manager on several military facilities, structural, civil and infrastructure construction projects.  Taylor has worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Veterans Affairs, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Navy and other local, state and federal agencies on several projects.  Taylor started for Granite in 2013 and currently works as an estimator/project manager.

Adrian Inama - Project Manager/Estimator

Adrian has 7 years of construction management experience. The majority of Adrian’s experience has been in Large Highway, Light Rail, and Oil & Gas Projects across the world. Adrian has experience in underground/above ground pipe, mass excavation/grading, as well as coordination of several different subcontract disciplines.


Quinn Kent - Project Manager/ Estimator

On-Site Project Management

Tony Ball – Project Manager
(208) 941-3400

Tony Thurston – Project Manager
(208) 630-4074

Tony has been with Granite since 2009.  Tony has been in the Construction Industry for 16 years.  Tony has vast knowledge in Grade and HMA Paving work and GPS Technology.

Dustin Painter - Project Manager
(208) 405-8321

On-Site Superintendents

Chucker Earl – Underground Utility Superintendent
(208) 630-4935

Dylan Dondero – Paving Superintendent
(208) 315-5782

Dylan has been with Granite since 2008.  Dylan has 17 years experience in HMA Paving and Grading.  Dylan runs Granite Excavation’s paving operations.


Jerry Fairbank – Project Superintendent
(208) 315-2992


Rob Rane – Grade/Pipe Superintendent
(208) 315.1478

Jake Fernstrom – Pipe Superintendent
(208) 315.7095

Beau Nitzel – Grade Superintendent
(208) 300-0448

Zach Vandenburg – Grade Superintendent
(208) 794.4267

Brian Moosman – Grade/Pipe Superintendent
(208) 315.7096

William Rogers – Grade Superintendent

Jerrod Turner – Underground Utility Superintendent

Shop Foreman

Rusty Bentz – Shop Foreman
(208) 315-2073

Pipe Testing Foreman

Clint Benboe – Testing Foreman
(208) 315-2974


GPS Specialist

Josh Martin – GPS Specialist
(208) 604.6817


Brian Klaus

(208) 369-0655

Brian comes to us with over 20 years trucking experience including transport, dispatching, and as an owner operator. He’s worked everything from residential construction, heavy equipment operation, finish carpentry, to excavation.